From Trash to Glam

I have been wanting to create a shiny, glamorous finish on a piece of furniture.  I had this dresser in storage for a while and it seemed like a good candidate for my first silver foil finish.  I figured I could not hurt this poor thing any more than it had been.  It has lived a hard life and this finish if it goes well could give a new lease on life.

The before:

I first clean with TSP and then applied Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and let it dry.

Foil & Leaf Sizing by Artisan Enhancements.  After applying the sizing I had to wait about one hour for it to set up so it would accept the foil.

Applied a coat of Foil & Leaf Sizing:

After waiting approximately one hour the Sizing was ready for the silver foil.  Applying the foil was a simple process of laying the foil matte side down and rubbing the surface of the foil with a sponge to make sure the foil has good contact with the sizing.  Lastly, I pull the clear plastic type film from the foil.  Filling in the gaps was easy too.  The final step was to apply Artisan Enhancement Clear Finish to seal the finish.

This finish was amazingly easy to create.  I did change out the hardware with glass knobs to add more reflective qualities to the dresser.


  • Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan
  • Artisan Enhancements Foil & Leaf Sizing
  • Artisan Enhancements Silver Foil
  • Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish



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